Tanzania Safaris

Northern circuit

We will take you to the roof of Africa, the highest point on the continent, the majestic Kilimanjaro; with step by step hiking in guidance of the most experienced guides with accumulated hand on mountain experience.Or you can choose the 5th tallest mountain in Africa too; the Meru for a lesser challenge.  One way or the other, out top class service is assured on your Tanzania safari.

For safari lovers, the world most renowned national park awaits to amaze you with mesmerizing and arguably the most spectacular wildlife events on earth-the wildebeest migration. With carefully selected guides and accommodation spot, you are expected to carry a memory of lifetime when you choose our services for your Tanzania safari.

Not only Serengeti but also the spotting of tree climbing lions, unheard anywhere else except for Manyara, getting to jump into a canoe and intermingle with colorful flamingos sheltered by the great rift valley, a geographical marvel by the lake Manyara side will excite you unconditionally making your Tanzania safari adventurous. Tarangire is also not behind with mega baobab trees and arguably the highest concentration of elephants in one spot. Be keen to tree climbing python spectacle.

It is not finished yet, your Tanznia safari will be incomplete if you miss the Ngorongoro crater magical scenes from onset, another geographical masterpiece teaming with wild life of great diversity.  Ngorongoro is unmatched on its endowment with the native maasai living in harmony with wildlife since time immemorial. This close interaction with wildlife is unheard in the entire world. For the historian, life began here too as researched and document by Dr. Leakey. Olduvai gorge is a cradle of mankind therefore; coming to Ngorongoro is home coming for the entire human race. If you come with us, we will leave no stone unturned for your adventure. Welcome home because no place is like home!

Culture is part of us. Our company will only embark only on authentic cultural encounters. We do not arrange to stage a cultural event to impress. Rather embark only on real time cultural exchanges that enrich both the visitors and the visited. We believe in such exchanges.

Special programmes for university students are other areas of our specialty. We build bridges to join local and foreign universities for cultural and educational exchanges. We foster long term relation between local schools and foreign schools as well as arranging programs between local institution for research especially in areas of wildlife, commerce and cultural programs. Visit our dedicate page for such enquirers.

Southern circuit

Need a safari on real Africa jungle?

The Miombo woodland Ruaha, now the largest accessible park in Africa, after Virunga (not accessible due to safety reasons). Ruaha is a must visit place if you have enough time. The park famous by large groups of wildlife along the great Ruaha river where the trade mark kudu will greet you on arrival. Transect the Miombo woodland, see the unbelievable scenery coupled with top sightings.

Right along the Ruaha river is like a zoo with chances of seeing all the animals watering at the only remaining water source. Conservation of the Ruaha tributaries catchment is one of the biggest challenge of conservation fraternity in the country. To top your Tanzania safari we offer you a drive around the Miombo Woodland

The African jungle

Probably the most un-transacted, un-transverse park in the country. Most of the park is the wilderness with unrivaled games. Katavi is a typical jungle close in similarities to the Amazon. High in diversity, bushy and visiting it is not for the faintest of the hearts. Apportion your time to visit, the lesser-visited park with a lot to offer.  The biggest challenge to the southern parks is the distance from the entry point to Tanzania i.e Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam airports. Distance not withstanding, Katavi should be high on your areas of interest. Complete your safari in Tanzania with Katavi typical jungle.  We will be happy to give you an African jungle experience un- matched.

The chimp’s trekking opportunity provided by Gombe and Mahale are not lesser of the adventure. Visit out genetically closest primates on their natural habitat. The species, highly studied and habituated, provide a distinct experience you wouldn’t t want to miss.

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