26 July 2013

Tanzania National Parks is 2013 SAG Award Winner

Tanzania National Parks receives GIS Award at ESRI user conference 2013

Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI) recognized more than 170 organizations
during the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards ceremony at the Esri International User
Conference (Esri UC) in San Diego, California. The SAG Awards acknowledge vision,
leadership, hard work, and innovative use of Esri's Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
technology."The SAG Award identifies people and organizations that are using the power of
geography to improve our world and drive change," said Esri president Jack Dangermond. "At
Esri, we are deeply inspired by the passion and innovation of our users. They deserve recognition
for solving challenges and for their invaluable contributions to the continued evolution of
geographic science."

Various organizations worldwide were honored at the Esri UC which includes; Environmental
Management, agriculture, cartography, climate change, defense and intelligence, economic
development, education, government, health and human services, telecommunications, and
utilities industries. The SAG Awards ceremony was held at the San Diego Convention Center on
July 10, 2013.

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) was one of the organizations that received the 2013 SAG
award.SAG awards recognized the exemplary work performed by different users of Esri
technology, thus acknowledge the innovative and intelligent applications of GIS technology.

TANAPA has embarked on the implementation of an enterprise GIS making timely and relevant
geo-information available to a wide range of users. TANAPA established a GIS Unit and
invested in ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS for Desktop and Trimble GPS technology to support the
integration of data from many sources and devices into a timely operational view of events and
activities in and around the parks. TANAPA will soon be able to collect, upload and synchronize
geo-information between all its parks and its headquarters in Arusha. The information collected
using this process will be helpful in delivering timely management decisions and thus effectively
improve park management on a daily basis.

By embracing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, our organization have used
GIS to improve our world—and set new precedents throughout the GIS community. The SAG
Award ceremony presided over by Jack Dangermond, the President and founder of Esri. During
the reception, winners were invited to take pictures with Jack. Special Achievement in GIS
award are submitted by Esri staff from thousands of organizations worldwide, then personally
reviewed and selected by the Esri President.