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Great, informative site on the accommodations available at each of the parks. Incredible pictures to boot.
For Arusha in particular, I would point your readers to where this is a wealth of information about restaurants and sites in the area. I found this site incredibly useful when planning my trip there.


Nawashukru sana kuweka huu mtandao kwa ajili ya watu kuona mnafanya nini katika ulimwengu huu.
Hivyo hongera sana TANAPA,pia naomba mtuwekee mambo ambayo Baba wa Taifa Aliyokuwa anasema kuhusu mbuga zetu iwepo safu yake.

Gabriel John Millengo

very good and helpful information about Tanzania and parks. This has been a useful resource in my research. Thank you!

Iam among Tanapa staff at Saadani National Park.I would like to invite all the people to come Saadani To seen a uniquie scenery Park that you can't find any whereall over the World.

Christopher Mbogo

Mimi naishi Canada napenda sana vitu ya asili kama miti na mnyama waporini kama Tembo na Twiga.Nilikwenda Saadani National Reserve nikaona Hippo nzuri kwenye mto ya wami na bahari nzuri.Pia nikakwenda Seregeti.Kitu nimesikia kwa rangers Serenget ni kwamba wao mnalipa pesa kidogo sana na wenyewe wanatunza hiyo wanyama.Tafathali mkuu ya Tanapa waongeze pesa hao rangers wao dio anafanya kazi kubwa sana.
Collin Brown

The East African community must join hands in improving its image as a top travel destination

Godleader A. Shoo

Mimi Mwingereza, mke wangu ni Mtanzania. Nilikwenda Ziwa Manyara na Ngorongoro Crater, mwezi jana. Nzuri sana! Nchi yenu ni ajabu, na nawapenda sana wanyama wakubwa.
Napenda pia website hii. Tunatumaini kuzuru Mikumi, Udzungwa na Selous mwaka kesho
Nick Wordsworth

Tafadhali Bingurube iokoe SErengeti kwani inaangamia, viongozi wamekuwa Miungu watu hali ni mbaya. watu hawafanyi kazi kama kipindi cha Mheshimiwa sana Justin N. HaNDO
Chenge Madulu

I am Bruno costantine, a student at the Institute of Accountancy Arusha(IAA) aged 22 years, where I am pursuing Advanced Diploma in Computer Science. I ever visit some of national parks in our country(Tanzania), and I thought there should be a strategy that would enable people (Tanzanians) to visit their national parks.
Thank you

I am from Germany!
Es war wunderschön in den Nationalparks von Tansania!

Wurstbauer Norbert

I love the TANAPA website. Very informative, must be useful to the public at large. Tunahitaji other measures kama matangazo kwenye televisheni za nje ili kuongeza watalii. Keep it up!
L Mallya

The brilliant TANAPA management systems are well known in the world. This well organised website reveals it. The world heritage being managed have got worldwide reputation both socially and economically. Keep it up!
Philipo Herman

Wonderful site. Looking forward to visiting while on holiday next year.

Oh my goodness, what a site and what a country. How much is it not to read and learn in here and how much I really want to see your beautiful country in live and on places that you just been showing me in here.
One day I will come to your beautiful country and I will enjoy every minute of it - that is my promise to myself.
With love from Sweden and Lady Anne

Lady Anne Phaal of Kincavel

A good start for tanzanian parks advertising. However, much needs to be done. Much more informations is no included. Where is the human aspect of tanzania national parks??? As a tanzanian who have been to europe I had a chance of visiting news and magazine stalls to find only posters and brochure from Kenya wildlife services telling about all the natural wonders in east africa including our nice Kilimanjaroand serengeti. I think TANAPA should thank Kenyans in the first place to talk about Kilimanjaro and serengeti because Tanzanians and TANAPA never managed to do it enough. Please stop making the snail pace and walk, others are running and they deserve to win everthing.
Rafael Ole Moono

TANAPA is progressing towards a protected area model whereby people living adjacent to national parks benefit from tourism under her benefits sharing program. Accessing social services, networking and improved infrastructure is key for strengthening poor people's livelihood. KEEP IT UP!
Teresia R. Olemako

The website looks so great but you should work on this!.Keep it up.
1.Why you let the Big track spoiling our roads in Serengeti?. You are giving us a hard time to service our safari vehicle’s. Could you please stop big tracks tafadhali sana.
2.The salary to the Guide and Porters are really so good because these boys are using their calories to carry the luggage. Please amend your fee’s on Kilimanjaro so that everybody can manage to climb this beautiful mountain in the World. We loose a lot of business to our neighbors.
3.Advise me why we pay for Serengeti National Park fees but we are not allowed to cross the Gurumeti River?. Some of investor’s in Serengeti try to divide us. Who is this investor and what is meaning of this Tanapa. Is divided rule back in Tanzania so that we can see what to do about him.


Good looking and informative website, i know the designer might not know much about the parks. I advise to have someone to carefully add those most sensitive and touching information to the website. Here is where everyone (citizens & non-citizens) expects to find all relevant information about parks in Tanzania.
lema Jr.

Its the good web designed with the real nature of Tanzania parks especially in Serengeti i have been used spend some times physically to visit and seek for some informations about Tanzania parks.Staffs are so kindness especially Chief Park warden Mr.Martin Loibooki (SANAPA).All the best.keep it up! PAMOJA TUZITUNZE HIFADHI ZETU.
Gerald Mapunda

Very good website, but I will agree with a few comments, firstly, the tarrifs are quite steep, most people that visit TZ love it but they say its too expensive to visits parks. secondly they complain about the standards of the basic thinngs, such as toilets, bathrooms and camping sites, I mean if one has to pay so much atleast the quality of services should be at the same caliber. Kindly upgrade your parks services and reduce the tarrifs for evryone's benefit.
Gloria Billy

This is a very nicely designed website, amazing job.
Very Good content and fine layouts, too.
If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up,
thanks again,

Henry, Filmbay Editor

Here, I would like to advice, There are so many Special Campsites in Serengeti National Park so that in order people know where its located you have to make it in the map the put it in every gate.I hope it will help so many travellers.
Thanks in advance.

Mwita Kisiri,
Introducing Africa Co.Ltd

I am a travel agent who has brought guests to the wonderful Tanzania, several times over the last two years. In fact, I JUST returned two weeks ago. Looking at your map, I notice SELOUS is not on there. As I am planning this area for my next adventure, thought I would point that out.
Kay Trotman

Your website is great! I will be visiting Tanzania's parks next summer.
Ivy in Canada

such a fantastic extra ordinary info frm the l'adore.merci.

Mtanzania Mwenye Hasira!!!

Wilbard R. Rukokerwa

Your website is somehow okey, but 1. the left hand navigation menu isnt's that much appealing to your audience(one shoud not scroll to view all the menu items).
2.On the right side, there is an empty space that could be use to put more adverts.
3.The audience would like to see TANAPA news headlines at the Home page rather than newsletters (the site should be dynamic).
4. Woww! your feedback form is nice,

Anthony Gesase

It is a site with very rich ofinformation and welldesigned. Keep it up, 0715 488678
Jimmy Dotto

as student of the agha khan high school and really grateful for all that u hve done 4me in order to achive the best in life
allan mayambala

Make sure you tell the world that Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania and not Kenya as kenyans are telling people.
All these lies should be cleared!!!! -


The website is really great but your Park regulations are not stable. You will loose a lot of customers because you change the entrance fee usually.Stick with price at least for one year.Why are you changing price every 6 month. Is the Park under Mafisadi or is National assets.

The website is all well and good BUT visiting Tanzania is too expensive,some park fees are too much and accomodation altough nice can be very expensive including transportation through the safari companies!!TANAPA should encourge more competion for accomodation within and near the parks.

khlili ibrahim
Mon 2008-06

Website yenu ni nzuri sana kwani inatupatia mambo mazuri na pia tunapata nafasi ya kuona vivutio vingi vilivyopo ndani ya nchi yetu.Thanks a lot, Im happy and enjoying going through the website though it is the first time to vist the website.
Kagoma Alfred
Fri 2008-06-20

Bravo!!!!TANAPA;the website is well designed with full informations one might be attempting.What about Ngongoro???couldnt see it??
Being a Kenyan resident Mountain guide and residing in austria feel honoured to receive my eastafrica resident rates any time i bring my friends for kilimanjaro hiking and Safaris.
Formy German Clients,österreich und der schweiz,willkommen in Tanzania und Kenya.Deine beste zeit war nicht,und deine best zeit kommt nicht,jetzt ist deine beste zeit zu besuchen.Wenn Du lust hast für Kilimanjaro,Kenia oder safari,bitte schreib mir zurück.
Meine adresse ist (
TANAPA;Keep up your good work.
We trust you all.

Robert Eder.
Sun 2008-06-15

A bit of updating would make the website superb. You should have a person who updates the site every now an then.
Arnold Masaki
Dar - Tanzania
Fri 2008-06-13


Fri 2008-06-13

Great website,Tanzania parks and people are Great.I am a Kenayan and I would love infrom ma Tanzanian brothers and sister do not worry about Mt Kilimanjaro being known is Kenya,those was old days.Not Tanzania of today,that whoever visit this site would know Mt Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania and Not Kenya.

Dennis G Mwitih
Thu 2008-06-12

Dear Kinapa,
Thank you very much to put the link of Guides, porters and cooks new salaries, but please is it possible to write directly mean new salaries than new rates as its looking now?
Also please it will be better if the KINAPA deal with this and to make sure that it real paid to this worker and all the Tour Operator pay that.

Sat 2008-06-07

poa sana. lakini badilisheni information imekuwa ili ile toka kuanzishwa kwa mtandao. pia hakuna information zinazohusiana na Parks and its attraction and also parks significancy.
semeni Jumapili
Fri 2008-06-06

Very Nice!!! Great Information and Pictures. Look forward to this being my new home. The Rose of Sharing International Ministries/
Ilene D Short
Wed 2008-06-04

This is wonderful. Please read these comments and respond as appropriate. Most of our visitors have loved the TANAPA site and have made a few comments to improve the services both at the Tanzania National Parks and this website. Keep it up....!!
Kadari Lincoln
Tue 2008-05-13

It is a very good and informative site. I want to know if any Pakistani has climbed kilimanjaro ?
Khalid Mahmood
Sat 2008-05-10


Thu 2008-05-08

The website is so amazing,it is full of information that every person will be satisfied,your job is wonderful
Frank M.Nsangalufu
Sun 2008-04-27

Man I wish I could design sites like this!
B Good
Thu 2008-04-24

Cool site
Pat Williams
Thu 2008-04-24

Wow great site. Nice detales about the wildlife. It makes me want to go there all the more. And it's afordable!!!
John Cline
Tue 2008-04-22

Your site is beautiful, but some of the park info is several years out of date and needs to be updated. I can give you suggestions if you wish.
Keep up the good work!

David Bygott
Wed 2008-04-09

I appriciate your work,Its awesome,keep on encouraging domestic tourisim and environment conservation as well,NICE TO SEE CALVIN MKULILA DOING WONDERFULL JOB DOWN THERE,KEEP IT UP!

Wed 2008-04-02

A nice site for sharing views on, lovely.
Euphrosene Labon
Wed 2008-04-02

We are 18-mountain climber of the German Alpine Association Reutlingen. We are just back from a wonder full trip to Tanzania – we have had a exiting 6 day Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari. We climbed the Kilimanjaro (5 days) and all of us have made the Gillman’s Point and/or the Uhuru Peak. And to relax we have had wonder full 8 days at Zanzibar!
25.03.08 Joachim Runge
Cordial thanks to all in Tanzania, which have made this wonderful journey possible.

Joachim H. Runge
Tue 2008-03-25

Hey everyone, I'm proud to visit this site.
This website is pretty interesting, I really like it Keep the good work.
Well done!
Regards from Belgium

Mon 2008-03-24

Absolutely beautiful. Can't plan a trip anytime soon, but ahhh to dream. Keep updating those brethtaking pics!
Ms Daylin Sabato
Thu 2008-03-20

Make sure you tell the world that Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania and not Kenya as kenyans are telling people.
I am ANGRY about this!!!!

Wed 2008-03-19

I was shocked to see three zebras in snares around Gurumeti Circuit in Serengeti, just about 12 km from ranger post. There is rampant poaching in the western corridor.Game rangers instead of harrasing visitors should concentrate on wildlife conservation.Villagers are invading Kijereshi area nothing is being done.
Patric Patterson
Tue 2008-03-19

I'm really looking forward to my trip to Africa now
Rob Millar
Tue 2008-03-18

Wed, 12 mar 2008

Great, effort done by the IT section in maintaining this website. The introduction of the electronic system will save more time during the visit, with hope that systems are managed accordingly!
A wonderful initiative to have the boat rides at the momela lakes I hope to return after following primates at the MWEKA study area a decade a go. Asante sana!!

Charles Etoru
Tue, 3 mar 2008

We went to the Serengeti in October of 07 and our tour guide was incredible. The pakr in the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.
Lisa Durost
Sun, 1 Mar 2008

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1) Investment in gold mining,
2) invest in a counter purchase of gold and scrap in Ouagadougou, and in the villages where the mining quote.

Yameogo Zambende.
Ouagadougou. ( Burkina Faso )
Monday, 25 Feb 2008

hi all...
i real appreciate what your advertising..
i have been attracted to arrange the trip with my wife MAUA to onee of the National Park...

Frank Protas
Saturday, 2 Feb 2008

Very informative site, I can't wait for my trip to tanzania this fall
Micheal Hunt
Thursday, 31 Jan 2008

Can anybody tell me about the real meaningof "MERU" in local language? Is there a Language MERU? if so whats the meaning of MERU in That meruan language?
By yours Dr.BHUDIA-Science Group Of INDIA.
President:'Kutch Science Foundation'.
Founder :'Kutch Amateurs Astronomers Club - Bhuj - Kutch'.
Life Member:'kutch Itihaas Parishad'.
Do visit our ABOVE Clubs/Groups of Science club of India, Science Group of India
Tue, 29 Jan 2008

The site is good but it needs frequenly updating of information, becouse am not sure that new fee were since 2006 or 2008 . I request you to put some wildanimal videos for download either free or by using debit or creadit card (visa or master card)as you have already start in your gates.
Elma Frank Silkiluwasha
Tue, 29 Jan 2008

I too would welcome being able to book park accommodations online and pay from home via secure payment method.
Even being able to email park senior wardens would be useful to enquire as to accommodation availability would be good rather than trying to get the time zone right and contacting the right person at the right time by phone. I am trying to organise a visit to Gombe as an independent traveller for late June this year and being able to email the warden would be very useful. Can he be contacted by email?

Tue, 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for you site i really learnt a lot about tanzania
Tue, 22 Jan 2008

I frequently visit this site to update myself and obtain current info to teach my students of Tour Guide and Tourism. Please, always make it UPDATE!

Sun, 20 Jan 2008

cool site would love to go there
sioned dion
Thu, 17 Jan 2008

Hi. i would like to congratulate the Tanapa Board for their good management in all the National Parks But i would like to give a comment to some of the parks like Mikumi nattional Park. I do understand a clear policy of Tanapa on the issue of late nature takes its own course, But on the case MINAPA i doubt that habitat management should be done. If you look at the tall grasses that hinder the clear sight of some of the animals you will agree with me. I suggest that the Physical or rather mechanical means should be done to remove the tall grass so that tourist can i recreate well on the beautiful animals of MINAPA. Otherwise i wish you a happy success in your achievement of TANAPA goals.
Kind regards,
Richard Minja from SUA
Tue, 15 Jan 2008

i like this portion of the web , it gives the management a challenge to know where to pull up their socks and I think if we are to develop our national parks, this is a good place to get comments and to know what's to be changed. I thnk its time to speed up on the technolog as most people are praising the kenyan national parks, we should get our parks too to that standard of the kenyans. Tanapa management this portion of the website is very important for you.
Thu, 10 Jan 2008

so nice..keep it up...
Faraji Mohamed
Thu, 10 Jan 2008

is a nice site keep up the good work.
Onyeze Owerri
Wed, 9 Jan 2008

All i can say is WOW. I am amazed. This is incredible work.
Wed, 9 Jan 2008

Beautiful website of Tanzania, where we always like to go on safari.
Some pictures on our website

Alf and Marion
Tue, 8 Jan 2008

The cards system using for paying park fees are not real work. Its cause problems and long que. Tourist are complaining so much to driver guides. Please try to make it as easy as possible.
Victor Mollel
Tue, 8 Jan 2008

I have felt my whole life that I belonged to Africa, yet I am 52 and I am now hopefully coming to the point where I may entertain my dream, and the world has changed since the 1960's. I have been told to go on tours and have company with me for protection. I have wanted to see safaris, but it is important to be with rural people, and to only be touristic seems futile. I am not a rarity though, and so how do I go and honor the traditions, and also not be used, robbed or not be tempted to give away the house and bank account if I see painful poverty? What is reasonable, and what are the boundaries, of meeting people and not being a distant viewer as I am not a classist, and don't intend to expect to demand all comforts. Now that Kenya is in trouble, that leaves Tanzania, for now at least. Also, I would want to know how much to expect to spend daily on average between relaxing, or taking a safari the odd day, not including or including lodging if added on to a safari. Is it hard to leave the main city without a specific tour if you not friends with someone? Is there anything I should really bring, or not say?
Janet Barnes
Sat, 5 Jan 2008

Sun, 30 Dec 2007

The electronic system is such a headache for us small tour companies and so inconvenient to the mostly rural citizens. I have done a number of safaris after the introduction of the e-card system. The cards dont work sometimes, and the gate clarks especially of serengeti are so unhelpfull when such problems occur. The Exim bank people claim its not their problem! Thats crazy, I just purchased a card and in case of malfunction there is no help at all! I mean what is this??? I got turned back at the gate because the card didnt work!!! Whay do they only have a fixed amount of credit on the cards? If I only need to purchase credit of lets say 90 dollars, must I buy a 100 dollar card? What will I do with the remaining 10 dollar? If I live in Mangola district and I want to visit Serengeti or Tarangire National Park, do I have to make a trip all the way to Arusha town to purchase the exim bank card? Why is the Exim bank forcing us to open an account so that our cards will then work properly? What the hell is this? We need another means of payment option, like in Kenya parks. We the small operator are very dissapointed and unsatisfied with this system. DO SOMETHING
Mon, 3 Dec 2007

Helo the world.Iam a Tanzanians. I would like to welcome all to vist various place in Tanzania. Thank you.My contact is Phone number is +255-713-691071. Contact me for tourism consultancy!
Mon, 3 Dec 2007

That's is a very good question. Although i am not a spokesperson on that, i would like to give few remarks that may help you for now. TANAPA changed to electronic cards for the northern parks (i.e. Kilimanjaro National Park, Arusha National Park, Manyara National Park and Taragire National parks....the rest of the parks will be installed with the machines later (Point of Sale-POS). So for you to be able to pay using e-cards, the cards must be "master cards" for Serengeti, Taragire... Visa Cards for Kilimanjaro, Arusha). If you don't have these cards, you can buy it(a prepaid card, or a debit card linked to your account if you have and account with the bank) from Exim Bank(for Master Cards) or from CRDB Bank(for Visa Cards). I presume this answers your question. If not, please let me/them know. Your may also call TANAPA for more info. Have a blessed day!
Thu, 29 Nov 2007

The TANAPA website is superb and impecable.
But you have not confronted the Kenyans as they are claiming to the out side world that, the Kilimanjaro is on the Kenyan side of the border.
I do not mean using 'katyusha' rockets against them, but being more aggressive in marketing it.

Thu, 29 Nov 2007

Dear big bosses of TANAPA I just want to know how e-card work to pay park fee
Sat, 24 Nov 2007

Now, the whole 'WORLD' eyes can search and fingers can feel not only the "Tanzania National Parks" but also the "Tanzania Natural Parks",Congratulation's,TANAPA. Go wider,that is not enough. Make coordination under your supervision, with all Hotel's within National Park entries inorder to establish at least small ZOO, I suggest. We are proud of all Staff and the entire TANAPA Organisations. Regards
Henry Ally Kinshasa (DRC)
Thu, 15 Nov 2007

congratulations, I think this is a good effort for us tanzanians lets keep talking about this website cheers,
Tue, 13 Nov 2007

The site is wonderfully caged.It gives us an easier reference and provides wealth of information to the future propective clients on our parks.Updating the site continously will be more resourceful.
Wed, 7 Nov 2007

The Site aint that bad but it aint that good either. So put more effort because the competition is extremely high. Have it Great People!
Virginia Joe Nangasu
Tue, 6 Nov 2007

Execellent work TANAPA! Great exposure on the Tanzanian beautiful unexploited natural beauty. Dozens of our clients visited the parks with the start from the site! Keep up the good work.
Jois Kahigi, Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge
Mon, 5 Nov 2007

I have found the Tanzania Parks website to be extremely useful as well as good to look at. I have visited TZ three times, love your country and its people. If any future visitors want to contact me for advice please email to
Kathy Madigan
Sun, 4 Nov 2007

My deepest dream : To come in he Serengeti.
Hope I will do sometimes, but hope definitively that the Nature over there will remain for centuries.

Sat, 3 Nov 2007

I think we neeed to advertise more our attractions in outside world because they are not BBC,CNN or CCTV.
Isaac jones
Fri, 2 Nov 2007

It is nice to see this website. Serengeti as a World Famous Park could have its own website containing details of facilities available there such as Hotels, Travel Agents, airport etc.
Searching for the news about Serengeti should lead someone to that Website. It should also INDICATE that SERENGETI IS IN TANZANIA.
A children's TV program "DORA" watched by millions of people around the world featured serengeti but there was no indication of which country the Park is.
The name TANZANIA should in most cases appear on whichever Park when displayed.

Congrats, its a good start
Furaha Mloka
Fri 2007-10-12


Well done TANAPA, keep up what you are doing. We will all see the results at the end. You are doing a very good, attractive and important job. GOD BLESS TANAPA, GOD BLESS TANZANIA.
Wed 2007-10-10

This is a lovely site!!! congrats to TANAPA keep it up to fulfill the Tanzanians needs. Anyway I would like to work with TANAPA what should I do???? iam a finance clerk.
Imma I. Killasama
Thu 2007-09-13

So very pleased to see that President Kikwete of Tanzania has visited this site and was pleased by what he saw.
David Pluth
Mon 2007-09-10

For all the eight weeks that i was doing my field work I really had I very great time I enjoyed working with everyone around here. All a very good and so welcoming. KEEP IT UP TANAPA
Mboni magembe
Wed 2007-09-05

Fantastic website! Other wildlife sector institutions in Tanzania should learn from you guys.
Freddy Manongi
Sat 2007-08-2

Pays magnifique, habitants magnifiques et généreux, faune magnifique, flore magnifique !
Un million de mercis pour la préservation de la nature, malgré tous les sacrifices qu'elles vous imposent. Comme nous avons de leçons à recevoir !
Thu 2007-08-22

Hallo, thank you for this site - looks great!!
I have few questions - i would like to visit Kilimadzaro for climbing. I know i need permision for climbing but i find only 1000 dolars and it is too much for us. We are two persons. Pleas does anybody know about the cheaper permision how to get on Kilimandzaro??
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

David []
Wed 2007-08-22

warmest greetings to the holy Tanzania national park, your work and services, i can say so attractive and well organised allover the world keep it up
bahath sirikwa
Fri 2007-08-17

I am delighted to note that you guys continue to fly the TANAPA Flag at full mast.
Congratulations-keep it up.

James Daudi Lembeli
Wed 2007-08-15

This is nice.

Mon 2007-08-13

Wed 2007-08-01

Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
Wed 2007-08-01

I am an Australian and visited South Africa earlier this year. I also experienced a few Game Parks and was so impressed I plan to visit Tanzania early next year. Anyone who has been to Tanzania and feels inclined to share their experiences as a guideline for me please do not hesitate. Cheers Narelle

Narelle Brand []
Wed 2007-08-01

Very helpful and informative website. My family and I are planning a trip to Tanzania the Summer of 2008. Can't wait to visit such a beautiful country.
Lisa Roberts
Tue 2007-07-24

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent building this page. I will visit your website again. Thank you
Roberta Panties
Sat 2007-07-21

TANAPA is always a best website planner all I have ever visited.You did well and wish you all the best in further new plans.I always visit National Parks during chrimass holidays and I real appreciate especially in connection with your website.
My Regards
Emmanuel Noel,
Mon 2007-07-16

I have just viewed the guest book and liked the postings there. Im just suggesting to be more educational to Tanzanians and add Swahili language information.
For the visitors, im ready to offer you any help u may need so dont hesitate to ask. Email me at
Baba Julius
Sun 2007-07-15

Good website, overall. However, it would be of benefit to be able to see availability and to be able to make online reservations at the various park accomodation. Good luck.
Ambe Jandu
Thu 2007-07-12

Thanks for a good site with a very good info. I searched the whole web on this information in find your site! Good work
Aldo Shoesd
Wed 2007-07-11

A good site!!
Fadhili Kayombo

Well done TANAPA... All the very best!!
Thu 2007-05-31

Thanks for the great job you guys are doing.
Here at we love your work and God bless you.

geoffrey Semaganda
Tue 2007-05-29

I`m giving many thanks to you for the have you have well done.But the suggestion is, prepare some text bookes of some pages and dristribute them to education institutes just to let the pupils/student n.k know about TANAPA rather than using means of Radios and TV`S
Thu 2007-05-17

I RESEARCHED RUAHA! MWHAHAHA!!! GO BLUE TEAM...i was here...bacon i good i also like the ice cream moose tracks...some with a name that starts with an S is sitting to my right and someone thats name starts iwth a T is on my left....i like abercrombie more daen hollister but hollister has better prices..SAMTRON...boom boom....bye much
Mon 2007-05-21

i will hope to visit your national park someday in the near future! bless you
sister, emma mbise
Wed 2007-05-23

I hope to visit this park someday soon. God bless you!
Mildred Crank
Sat 2007-05-05

"It's not because of fate, it's because of Tequila" That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!
Albert Bibingo
Sat 2007-05-05

Good site but try to update at least once per two years
Tole Faida
Fri 2007-05-04

TANAPA this is great achievement the web site is so informative, i would like to advice you TANAPA to work closely with other institutions like Ngorongoro Conservation Authority, TTB and Wildlife Department.By doing so the informations about other Tanzania tourism attractions will reach many people at once.Develop joint interactive, educative, website like this one if it is impossible you can provide links with other website selling tanzania tourism attarctions such as Ngorongoro.By doing that, i hope Tanzania tourism Industry will made known to many people around the globe.
Goodlack MICAHEL - Gaborone.
Sat 2007-04-28

Very good site, thank you!
Bookmarked :)

Tue 2007-04-24

Thanks for such a great site and for the good work TANAPA is doing to maintain all the parks. Kudos to also your endeavours in marketing and promoting the parks.
Wed 2007-04-18

Complimenti! Un sito bellissimo, che fa onore alla Tanzania e che fa venire voglia di tornare in questo meraviglioso paese.
Andrea Meggiorin
Mon 2007-04-16

I congratulate the Serengeti national Park Management for the great maintenance of Roads. HONGERA SANA, But the management should think on extending new GAME DRIVES ROADS in the park to avoid the crowd of Tourists vehicles at seronera. And the ban of off road game viewing at goll plain should be reviewed as there is a lot of distruction now than it used to be.
Sat 2007-04-07


Robert Moses
Wed 2007-04-04

Great, great, great park. We had a fantastic time in Arusha National Park and a world-class climb on beautiful Mt Meru. Thank you to our ranger and porters. We will do this again, and again. #1
Jean LaRoche, Montreal, Canada
Wed 2007-03-28

To Whom It May Concern, Greetings!
I congratulate you for the Great Work you did on Tanzania National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area Websites.
You are real professionals, I commend you.
Am Andrew Mathias, B.Sc. Wildlife Management & Tourism from Sokoine University in Morogoro.
I wish you all the best.
Kind regards Andrew.

Mon 2007-03-26

Keep up the good work great site
Mon 2007-03-26

Excellent website for a marvellous and unique country. Would love to visit National Parks when I retire in next few years.
Norman Drake
Sun 2007-03-25

My name is Valerie Johnsøn. Im Swedish volunteer in Tanzania for almost 6 years now. I would like to congratulate TANAPA for the good website. I would like to welcome any1 visiting TANZANIA to contact me for additional info any any of your enquiries.
Sat 2007-03-24

Asante TANAPA kwa tovuti nzuri yenye kutufahamisha wananchi na watu mbalimbali juu ya utajiri na ufahari wa mali asili za nchi yetu. Lakini jambo moja tu ambalo ningelipendekeza; tovuti hii inajitosheleza kwa kila kitu kwa mtu anaefahamu kingeleza, lakini kwa Mtanzania aliyekomea darasa la saba hatofaidi chochote- mnaonaje kama mngeliweka sehemu ya kiswahili kwenye tovuti hii kwa wasiojua kingeleza? Pia inapendeza kama mngeli-"ipromote" tovuti hii ili wanachi wengi waweze kuelewa umuhimu wake, hivyo kuongeza utalii wa ndani ( kwa raia). Hongera kwa kazi nzuri na ngumu.
Tiba Robert Manoni
Sun 2007-03-04

das war einsame Klasse
Mon 2007-02-26

Nice site. I might take a visit there one day.
Mon 2007-02-26

Although I like Tanzania and it's parks very much, we we astonished that we had to pay USD 60 per night for the Seronera campsite that had absolutely no facilities at all.
There was only one small tap of cold water for the whole campsite!
(fortunately there were toilets....).

Regina Fri 2007-02-23

Am a Kenyan and have not seen an absolutely fantastic website like this.It's very informative and effective.
Kenyan tour operators should learn from our dear neighbours!
You are really promoting tourism sector in Tanzania.Keep it up!
CATHRINE WAMBUI Wed 2007-01-31

good website and we are getting good information.thanks
Walter Miya Sun 2007-01-28

You guys,your web site is very impressing,just keep on!
your realy deserve.
Mr Paul Fri 2007-01-26

I visit Tanzania so very often, but as a rich English businessman, I always feel that what I really need is a local guide to help me fully appreciate the beauty.
Alan Bridge-Norton Sat 2007-01-13

I love your site, do you take donations to support it?
Gena Mitchell Sun 2006-12-24

Great job. It always reminds me of the of my unforgetable job experience and the great and wonderful job tanzania national parks is doing to conserve urithi wa taifa letu.
Godbless you guys
j.lembeli Thu 2006-12-21

I am planning to visit in 2007. Where can I find out the Tanzanian VISA requirements for USA visitors?
Lee - Tue 2006-12-05

Reply to Lee:

I am a tour operator from South Africa and I always use this site to get the best updated website on the Serengeti.
Please keep the good work up
Asante sana, umsalimie to all the rangers

Mon 2006-11-13

Great job Webmaster I like your site
Wed 2006-10-25

very informative site! excellent details regarding parks and transport!
every destination should have such a great site it would make life/travel much easier!

irma keller
Tue 2006-10-24

Yes, the best site with alot of details of Tanzanian parks. It helps me alot while planning my Tanzanian tours. Keep up your good work
Mon 2006-10-23

very impressive site
head mugu
Tue 2006-10-10

keeppp ooffff nwa aba
Wed 2006-10-04

Hi!, I am tourist from Spain and I visit the Kilimanjaro National Park betwen the 14th and the 19th august, there are two things that i don´t understand at all: how is it posible that the porters must pass a control of the weight they carry at Machame gate and it's suposed that they can't carry more than 15 kilos for each one of them, but we have seem after, in all the days of the trek that there are many porters working for a lot of tour operaters that carry weights of 30 or 40 kilos? Perhaps the operator give more weight to the porters when they have just passed the control at Machame gate and the park authorities doesn't stop them or they are leting pass some of the porters with the forbidden weight in any way i think that it's an injustice for the porters made by tour operators without scrupulous and with the consent of the park authorities. So i hope that someone responsable will change this and make the protecting porters rules come true because the operators are earning more money at porters health's expense
Adrian Escohotado Gil
Thu 2006-09-28

I appreciate your desired work!
But please may you send to me a historical background of TANAPA!
I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Mr.Massere, E
Mon 2006-09-25

whow many fees of a tanzanian student?
mgagani shaabani
Mon 2006-09-04

Where is Ngorongoro National park? It is one of the most known national parks in Tanzania. I am a proud Tanzanian but when I talk about national parks how will one think when they will enter this official website and won't find ngorongoro?
Webmaster please add Ngorongoro.
Fri 2006-08-18

Hi, to whom it may concerns,

I'm Tanzanian and very proud of that as well as been resident from Kilimanjaro. I talk a lot about my friends, co-workers and so on about Tanzania heritage. I was a bit surprised when I visisted this site on the Tanzania map loaded with several links; and find out that there is no link of Ngorongoro and selou parks of which they hold a potential attraction of our nation; such as the creator, rift valey path, and unique animals.

Otherwise, every thing was really good looking and I believe that we will prosper in advertasing our tourism potentials and convince toursts to come to Tanzania direct and not through Kenya and cross border to Tanzania without awareness that they can come to Tanzania direct.

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania na watu wake wote, na viongozi wake, tudumishe wazalendo na kuilinda amani na utamaduni wake kwa kizazi hadi kizazi kama tulivyorithi toka kwa babu zetu. Mungu ambariki Raisi na uongozi wake wa utawala bora kwa wananchi wote, na ulinzi wa mali-asili kwa manufaa ya wote.
Desdery Masao
Tue 2006-08-15

Congratulations TANAPA,the website is trully interesting please keep it up,am a Tanzanian am in seattle and i'll be here for the next six month working on environmental restoration projects and on september 15th we have a world night and i ve decided to use this site to show pictures about Tanzania ,am sure everyboby will fall in love with the country thanks you TANAPA and keep it up
Sat 2006-08-05

Great site!!. Being a regular visitor to this site I recomend you upgrade your site frequently.I wonder wheather U have someone permanently assigned to site upgrading task,It is high time you did so.You have multitudes of admirers out there, take no chance to disappoint them!.
Concerned Tanzanian
Mon 2006-07-31

May be my eyes does'nt look ok, but as I see Katavi National Park's animals are bigger than any other animal in Tanzania National Parks !??. Hey TANAPA wake up and make people to hear about it.
And thanks for the website, that make to be in touch.

Sun 2006-07-16

keep it up!my name is joseph gasper tanzanian live in kampala,university student,what i want to know is about do you have different fees for your parks between a students and employees,and if i come as tanzanian am i not pay different from foreigners if yes how much tanzanian students are paying for national parks services per day?good work,
joseph gasper,
environmental student,
kampala, uganda.
mobile.+256712678560, uganda, +255745078800(Tanzania),
Fri 2006-07-07

I am very proud as Tanzanian to visit this website. And am happy to see that other people in another parts of the world also think the same. TANAPA you are doing a great work!
Deogratias Kilasara
Fri 2006-06-30

Enjoyed ur work.
Tue 2006-06-20

It was a fantastic experience!! I recommend it to everyone
David Smith
Tue 2006-06-13

Walter Miya, you're in Indiana, now?! Do you remember me? I vistited Arusha National Park together with Marius from Germany in March 2003.
We mailed each other several times until you got lost - youre e-mail adress wasn't available any more. I would be very interested in hearing more about the changes in your life.
Lots of greetings,

Sat 2006-06-03

Congratulations to TANAPA for well maintaining all their national parks and marketing them well overseas. However Tanzania's Park Fees rates are exhorbitantly high compared to other parks in Kenya & South Africa! Now we have heard some hoteliers that TANAPA is also going to hike their concession fees by almost 500%! If this is implemented than TANAPA will kill destination Tanzania. NAOMBA UFIKIRIYE KABLA HAJA ANZISHWA!
Truely Tanzanian

Mon 2006-05-29

Good work !
Sat 2006-05-27

Why did the conservation parks kick the Maasai out of their land
Fri 2006-05-19

I visited the serengeti and ngorongoro crater last month - it was spectacular!! i had purchased a "i love ngorongoro" bumper sticker while there and unfortunately lost there ANY WAY i can order another? would love to get one as i dont know when ill ever get back.
asanti sana, evan
Wed 2006-05-17

Thank you for very useful info on this site.
I visited africa last summer and love it! I'd like to add your site to my fav links.
Jun Kojima (
Tue 2006-05-16

TANAPA is doing great!!, this is a nice web!! THE ONLY way to show the world What we have, Tanzania is blessed, our natural resources are the source of revenue, we have our site, please visit. we are leaders in tourism. hotline: 0744 264845/0744 036646. MROSSO.
John Mrosso aka Babu simba
Sat 2006-05-06

I want to make African friends and travel to Africa.
Nina Lehto
Sun 2006-04-30

hii si mchezo, Nizuri sana my name is Japhet Peter Kabete former private Park Ranger Ngombe National Park,the site is realy good and attractive,my family and I we like it,keep it up everyday. khasate TANAPA, God bless Tanzania
Japhet Kabete
Fri 2006-04-28

As the webmaster of Afritanza tours & Safaris ( I really appreciate This website as trully dedicated to uncover the richness of tourism in Tanzania.
Since not all pepole can have an opportunity of viewing the site,I think the ministry concern should now go further and start advertising on International televisions like CNN. This is the step taken by other countries such as Uganda, SouthAfrica etc

Alnoor Mangalo Nkya
Mon 2006-04-10

BRAVO TANAPA!! What an awesome site! Great Information... Nice Pictures... Good job Team, You guys are awesome! I miss you... God Bless you all for the good work to preserve our Nature for our Children!! and friends around the World... I miss Arusha, and Serengeti what a magnificent endless plain... love you all... Keep the good work...
Sat 2006-04-08

Bravo TANAPA for such an attractive and informative website its good to have it espessially for we students of tourism at TUMAINI UNIVERSTY.keep on shining!
Thu 2006-03-30

i have never been to africa,but i had to do a project in was to get information on a tanzani national park.i went to this web-site and found great information
micah johnson
Mon 2006-03-20

Tanzania is a very beautiful, exciting, and educational country. I have visited your country four times over the past ll years and have found something new and interesting to explore and learn with each visit.
Camping out in the wild, i.e. the Serengeti, is an experience that all must do at least once in their lifetime.
Listening to the animals at night and being visited by a few of the local wildlife is very adventerous. One can get a sense of how it must of been many hundreds of years ago.
The Lake Eyasi region is also a place I would highly recommend to others. It is a peaceful and beautiful area that one can spend days exploring. If you enjoy hiking then visit Lake Eyasi region. Also, stop by for an education with the Hadzabe and Datoga people.
The Hadzabe are indeed Tanzania's last nomads. Hunting with these people will give you a lifetime of memories.
One person that I would highly recommend when you go to Lake Eyasi is a local gentleman by the name of Momoya. He has his own campsite and his staff are tourist friendly and willing to ensure your first visit will not be your last.
Momoya can be reached at: momoyaeyasi@
Tanzania has much to offer for those which seek a true African adventure. It has a rich and interesting history. One will truly understand why so many films were made in Tanzania once you visit.
Many people from other countries have visited over the years and have feel in love with this country and proudly call it Home.

Harold Hedin
Mon 2006-03-20

Well done. Great site. God bless you
Pat maloney
Wed 2006-03-15

Je reviens d'un safari (MANYARA-SERENGETI-N'GORONGORO-TRARANGIRE) et après avoir consulté votre site, j'ai déja envie de repartir.
Quelle merveilleuse expérience que la découverte des parcs.
A très bientôt.
Sun 2006-03-12

Goodsite recpect! Interesting site !!!!
Sun 2006-03-12

Welcome to our new tanzania website with a chat and a tanzanian redio please come in and enjoy... for visitors its yor chance to learn swahili through our Tanzania online radios.
Sun 2006-03-12

This is very interesting website, conglatulations and keep it up!!
Wed 2006-03-08

Very nice site, a pleasure to visit
M C Spike
Sun 2006-03-05

I will like the Ministry to Re-think about reducing the price for photographic safaris and increase the death the prices for Hunting safaris. This very unfare to kill and animal that has no means of defence. Also the guys who hunts dont hunt the weak animals which the country should re-check of this policy.
Eric Robert Swai
Sat 2006-02-25

If God create you to live in this peaceful land and keep you think on what is good and bad, Why do you want to kill our natural gift (ANIMALS) from our almighty God. Its like a garden which need protection, care and treatment etc, of which everyone of us need it.Cheers TANAPA.
Anicetus Mramba
Tue 2006-02-21

Nice site but I think you should also try a marketing campaign in the West targeting those tourists. I live in London but never seen a single Tanzanian advert anywhere targeting tourists. Africa is so beautiful but Africans (government) have failed to exploint its pontetial.
Willy Mutenza
Tue 2006-02-21

I just love Tanzania. The country is superb and I enjoyed the safari. I will share my experience with everyone at home.
Thu 2006-02-16

I have considered Tanzania my second home since I was very little. I am very glad that you have not forgotten your people and your animals, like so many countries have.
I have wanted to go on a safari when i come to Tanzania during June. However, it seems so far, until reading this website, that the only way to do a safari would have been through tourist compoanies, and have been very despondent by the very high fees for such safari's. I like going local; I like paying money to Tanzanians, and I like the idea of supporting local communities. I know, now that i have seen your site, that I can do this through the park system.
Ranjini Thaver
Mon 2006-02-13

I would love to visit some day. Love the site!
Thu 2006-02-09

In the new world of globalization this website keep TANAPA intouch with everbody around the continent.
Keep it up TANAPA
anicetus mramba
Sun 2006-02-05

I would love to visit your country. I wil l start saving
Axel H.
Sat 2006-02-04

I would love to visit your country. I wil l start saving
Axel H.
Sat 2006-02-04

It's fantastic web,big up all who are persipate on it.
chrisostom Placidus Calmini
Fri 2006-02-03

Congratulations the Management and the entire team of TANAPA.It is informative and incentive website. We didn't know we need this website, until we read it!
You have revealed all what was not possible to be known easily.
Now, you can get revenue!
" People buy something because they love it, love it because they know it, How do they know?"You have solved the Question.
Now, Tanzanians are proud of their Wealth.
You are in a Campaign to Increase revenue; Now you will be able to get enough money to do Conservation smoothly.
You will also avoid the effects of Mass Tourism.
So the PArk fees increment has every reason of support.
But you could give more time for Visitors to be aware and get prepared for this increase. They will get incoviniences like Budget interruption for Travel plans made earlier for 2006.

Am A.Mathias.
SUA - Wildlife Management Graduate.
Tour Consultancies Expert.
Thu 2006-02-02

What an awesome website, I will probably never get to experience your beautiful country.Thanks for the pictures.
Nature Sam
Wed 2006-02-01

keep up.i like your website,its real and quite trully imressed.all the best,now and in future!
susan wanganga
Tue 2006-01-31

it is one of the cool website I ever see. You know what I am very interesting with natural resources.So I suggest that people should keep our animals free from killing.It is our gift from our almight God.
keep it up TANAPA

anicetus mramba
Sun 2006-01-29

We love Tanzania and his people, we are working in the Kagera Region.
Take a look at our website:

Babu and Rettele
Sat 2006-01-21

This is a great job. Congratulations for the 'growth' and increase in the number of national parks. The challenge, however, is to protect the existing ones and establish more programmes to support surrounding communities and inculcate a sense of ownership. Happy new year!
E.I. Laltaika
Faculty of Law, Tumaini University at Iringa.
Thu 2006-01-19

Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again! 

Thu 2006-01-19

I Love the Cheetah stretching photo!   I just got back from Monopools, Jao, Mambo ( Botswana , Zimbabwe )… had an amazing time.  Looking at your site’s images brought back fond memories. 
Sun 2006-01-15

This is nice site,I have a quettions, because of increasing park fees, Can you provide water in special camsite?
I will appreciate your reply!
kindly regards,

Mataro Mwita
Fri 2006-01-13

i love this site please keep on the good work.
Sat 2006-01-07

cool site
Sat 2006-01-07

This is a lovely site!!! congrats to TANAPA keep it ip to fulfill the Arusha Manifesto.
Fri 2006-01-06

This is just great. I congratulate you. I will come back!
Mon 2006-01-02

Great site!
Dr. J.M. van der Bilt
Wed 2005-12-28

hongera sana kwa hii web site ni nzuri na inavutia sana nimefurahia sana.
walter miya - U.S.A
Fri 2005-12-23

Great Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue 2005-12-13

Very nice information website, but remember to update freequently..... Also do not forget to add "Tanzania Association of Tour Operators" Link to your website Congratulation TANAPA!!!
Victor Mollel (Karibu Tanzania Travel)
Mon 2005-12-12

This is what TANAPA should do before. I am so arrogant to see TANAPA going this way, expose the beautiful natural of Tanzanians. “Job well-done”. Keep it up!!
Victor Mollel
Mon 2005-12-12

We congratulate the management and staff on Tanzania National Parks for the launch of such an information-giving website.
We comment for you to let your website known locally as well as internationally.
As they say, "You never know when and who might be asked for information regarding the Tanzanian National Parks".
We join you in the work of Sustainable utilization of Natural resources.
GrandMaster Records (Audio & Video Studio)- Arusha, Tanzania.
Sat 2005-12-10

Can anybody help me to found out if there is a Hospital with the name: St Mary´s, somewhere in Lagos?
Stintan (
Wed 2005-11-23

What a fantastic job you've done TANAPA? i mean it's awsome i really like it, however you could do something on entrance fee but keep up with the good works.
Samuel Kapologwe
Wed 2005-11-23

I like the way you designed your website. It has useful and valid information. Keep that up
William Chiza
Wed 2005-11-23

Je suis passionnée des éléphants, qui ont fait naitre ma passion pour la savane, qui a fait naitre ma passion pour le Kenya, qui a fait naiter ma passion pour la Tanzanie... ce site est superbe, avec des photos de reves.... merci pour ce petit (malheureusement) "voyage" en tanzanie.
Une passionnée de la savane africaine,

Sat 2005-11-19

This is a truly fantastic site, which I stumbled upon through google, I must say it has been a pleasure viewing this site and I am very happy that I found it, excellent content, keep up the good work and good luck.
Samuel J Johnson
Mon 2005-11-21

Mon 2005-11-21

Mon 2005-11-21

Hello! Thaks from me to you job this is site! Sorry for my poor english:(

awesome site.
Sun 2005-11-13

I like this page...its great..but i came here to inform you that...our tanzania communicaton chatroom where you will meet tanzanians and other guests is now will get answers to yor questions about tourism, culture and other stuff that we may share...people get online usually from 7pm to 8am Us central time...convert it in your time...
Anna (
Wed 2005-11-02

Great Site ! I like very much your site!!!! I have the same a tourist site,i'm glad if you will visit it ! my site is
Roberto (
Sat 2005-10-29

The new park fees may be quite costly for the, but I speculate that the average patron of the park can afford it. It's also comparable. I'd like to keep abreast on projects and developments for the future of park. Is the park government ran? I would love an opportunity to assist in its development and growth. Good work!
Laura Wede Kai (
Sat 2005-10-29

I am so prod to see TANAPA learn a new way to expose the beautiful natural parks that god has entrusted us Tanzanians. We should give the people a chance to see them before extinction. I am proud to see TANAPA using first class third party companies to expose out magnificent parks. Great Job!!
Tue 2005-10-25

Sehr gut gemachte und informative Internetseite. Lediglich Infos über den Ngorongoro-NP habe ich vermisst.
Februar 2006 werden wir unsere 2.Tansania-Safari machen.

Mon 2005-10-24

Please Director of Tanzania National Park if you could help it will be better.
New Year Park entrance fee is too much for world economical.
See list the entrance fee for Kruger National Park at 30,00 rand per day and the vehicle fee at 24,00.
I caculate that to be around $4 USD and $3.20.
Uganda cost us $15 per day entrance fee for the national parks.
Do you mean you have updated your campsite and the roads to the Park so that you can charge 50$ in Serengeti and 35$ for camping.Your campsite in Tanzania is 0% service.The roads are very bad. People used to fly to Serengeti just for the Game drive and fly back from Serengeti.The licence is 2000$ per year while Kenya is only 200$ and Uganda and Zanzibar 300$ per year.Where do you take this cash my friend????.
What is so special in your Tanzania National Park.Advice soon.

Andrey Sergei
Mon 2005-10-24

Keep it up. What is wrong with your Tanzania shillings when people goes to the Park. I went to Kilimanjaro National Park and other Parks last two weeks but you the Gate keeper's refuse to take Tanzanian shillings for our entrance fee. Please try to be proffessionals like Kenyan's.Your shillings are also money ok.
Mark Edinson
Sun 2005-10-23

I am glad with this beautiful site and all the information. The website is very informative, educative and attractive. Animation is good and pictures are exellent. Well done TANAPA. But you could give more time for Visitors/Tour Agents/ Tour Operators to be aware and get prepared for Park fee increase. They will get inconviniences like Budget interruption for Travel plans made earlier for 2006. I imagine that the operational costs for the Parks in Tanzania cannot differ that much from those in Kenya. The licence also is too expensive compared to Kenya and Zanzibar Island. Let us continue to conserve our environment for future business. Hip hip huree!!!!!!
Rickson Richard Kilonzo
Oloirien Valley School
Sat 2005-10-22

Gracias por su actividad en coservacion del parque nacional y creo estas el primero pais en africa para gran obras!
No manadas en aproximo dias nos tenia bastante achivos!
Estupendo site!

sadock Z Johnson
Sat 2005-10-08

As a rule you don’t enter your name into a guestbook to advertise for you own guestbook. I think, however, that the subject justifies my activities. That’s why I’d like to ask every owner of of a guestbook and all visitors for their understanding. To say it as short as possible:
Day by day we’re sawing off the branch we’re sitting on. It’s the rainforests, I’m thinking of!
A Red Indian chief said:
“Only when the last tree has been cut, when the last river has been poisoned and the last animal has been killed you’ll realise can’t eat money.”
I ask to take part in this grand projekt. The forestation of the rain forests is vital to the people on erth. And nobody can say:”I’ve had no idea of what’s going on.
Thanks’s a lot, Ute

Ute Höh
Wed 2005-10-05

Congratulations the Management and the entire team of TANAPA.It is informative and incentive website. We didn't know we need this website, until we read it!
You have revealed all what was not possible to be known easily.
Now, you can get revenue!
" People buy something because they love it, love it because they know it, How do they know?"You have solved the Question.
Now, Tanzanians are proud of their Wealth.
You are in a Campaign to Increase revenue; Now you will be able to get enough money to do Conservation smoothly.
You will also avoid the effects of Mass Tourism.
So the PArk fees increment has every reason of support.
But you could give more time for Visitors to be aware and get prepared for this increase. They will get incoviniences like Budget interruption for Travel plans made earlier for 2006.

Am A.Mathias.
SUA - Wildlife Management Graduate.
Tour Consultancies Expert.
Freelance webdesigner and Marketing Agency.
Sat 2005-10-01

Hi, very nice website. Maybe some of your readers can help me with a problem. My father just died and left me everything. However, I must invest 50% in business ventures in Africa before I get anything. I don't even know where to start.
U.P. Knightly
Fri 2005-09-23

that is realy good,a lot of information and keep it up everyday,Miya and his family,Indiana-USA
Walter Miya
Wed 2005-09-21

hiyo si mchezo,my name is walter miya former private Park Ranger Arusha National Park,the site is realy good and attractive,my family and i we like it,keep it up everyday.
Walter Miya
Mon 2005-09-19

Good website. Please tell your Director General to institute special reduced fees for resident expatriates. We are your good customers and enjoy your products (to use business slang) and we bring you plenty of tourists. It would be more than fair to give us a special rate
Jan de Wit
Wed 2005-09-07

This is a very nice website, thanks TANAPA. I was born in Tanzania, and the pull of the land has always been strong. I felt very warm and nice when I saw this site. Please keep updating and expanding this regularly. Also, I suggest you put a counter on the website that records the number of individuals who have visited the site.
Ashik Srinivasan
Mon 2005-09-05

Its nice to see wonderfully things like these to advitise our country world wide.
Congrants to TANAPA for the good work
lets continue to conserve our environment for beter life.

Philip Mbega
Sat 2005-09-03

Thanks for the information on this site. You can be proud on it!
But, I was disapointed about the increasing entree fees in all the Parks, specially in 2006.
On our Africa-tour (Capetown-Amsterdam)with 3 kids in 2006 we visit Tanzania, but cannot affort the Park fees, so we have to pass all this beauty!!!
Bram Snaterse
Wed 2005-08-17

i love this good page please kep on on
Wed 2005-08-17

Globalization and Information Technology finally hit home!! Ooh thanks Lord!! This site is an excellent step towards educating the world community about how immeasurable and priceless the beauty of our great country is, the richness of its culture and the warmth of its people are incomparable. This will help the tourism industry and help save all the loss we otherwise incur by poor marketing strategies. I am pleased by this great tool; help keep our heads up TANAPA! It’s an eye opener for many. More work is needed in nature conservation…I will keep my eyes open when you start posting job opportunities!!
Mariam Damas Mshanga – Washington D.C.
Wed 2005-08-17

I am glad with this beautifull site and all the information. I was looking for it, because of the visit with my family (wife and 3 daughters) to Africa (and Tanzania)in 2006.
But I was also disapointed about the entree fees and increasing prices for 2006!! That means for us that we have to pass all the beauty in the parks and hope that there is some beauty left outside the parks to enjoin the Tanzanian wilderness.
Hopefully Tanapa (or the gouverment) change their minds about this!
Bram Snaterse
Thu 2005-08-18

Big up TANAPA, I appreciate what has been done by you particularly in nature conservation. Keep it up! SOKOINE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE.
Thu 2005-08-11

Nice website,though need linkages to other conservation stakeholders and be kept up to date, we TANZANIA can do it all we need is work a bit more hard...
Congratulation Bigurube and a team around you....
Kulthumu Ally
Thu 2005-08-11

Thu 2005-08-04

Excellent site!
I would appreciate some comments on the 2006 parkfees increase of 100%.
I imagine that the operational costs for the parks in Tanzania cannot differ that much from those in Kenya.
Greetings from the Netherlands!
Hans de Bats
Wed 2005-08-03

its good to have the site TANAPA its a step foward to promot our industry keep it up and work for the best that was sweet of you people TUMAINI UNIVERSITY
Fredrick Sanare
Tue 2005-08-02

Well done TANAPA. I also would like to suggest that you create the space on the web site where we can post our experiences and photo's so others can share and learn about this great country and it's parks. A general data base for sightings and other relevant information can be created by providing a simple input screen. Thanks, keep it up!!
Hendrik Du plooy
Mon 2005-08-01

It sounds great for our prestige if we will keep this green.Tanzania is the world wildlife fantastic and no any other place can outfits.The most is to determine to support whatever implemented. KEEP IT UP!
sadock Z Johnson
Fri 2005-07-15

Great work. Greetings from Arkil :)
Mon 2005-07-11

Nice site!
M. Dorn
Mon 2005-06-27

chiwanga, ernest
Fri 2005-06-24

Thanks so much for this wonderful website. It really is a cool website. It should be updated from time to time as so many things change rapidly. In addition, you should make a group of emails for all who visited TANAPA and to send updated news to all members of the group as some of us are away and we do not always browse the site.
Nasser Abdullah
Samota Constructions
Muscat - Oman
Sun 2005-06-19

Good job Tanapa, hopr to take a real safari in the future. Thanks
Tory Kaupang - African Masterpieces - 38080 Jeffery Ave - North Branch - MN 55056 - U.S.A
Wed 2005-06-08

Wed 2005-06-08

Lovely Photo's. I would love to visit one day.
Wayne - UK
Sat 2005-06-04

Fri 2005-06-03

Well done TANAPA, is such wounderful and informative website. keep it up by updating current issues.
I have one question which I should really know and get answers from you guys:

Gideone Lameck - Wed 2005-06-01

I do like the web,it is have to design a link deals with employment opportunity as well as fiel work opportunity.otherwise the page is good.
sultan rajab mndeme - institute of accountancy arusha - 5974,tanga - Arusha
Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fantastic job! Keep it up! Kazi nzuri!
Rommel Mauma - African Commodities International, Inc. - 1133 Broadway Rm. 734 - New York - New York 10001 - USA
Saturday, April 29, 2005

It's good to have Tanzania in the Internet. - Friday, April 29, 2005

As a matter of fact, this website is very educative, informative, and attractive. Animation is good and pictures exellent. Good job and creativity.
Keep it up!
Gilman J Nyamubi - Tumaini University, Iringa Coolege - P.O BOX 200, - IRINGA - Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ur are the best to show pple all over the world that tnzania is the place where reachness of animals, creatures, forests, and culture. we bare not back and lord is with us keep it up tanapa.
samson ifm iringa Dar es saalaam - Tanzania - Monday, April 25, 2005

Well done TANAPA, is such wounderful and informative website. keep it up by updating current issues.
Twilumba Mlelwa - Fredskopset 2005 /JET/RUDMEC - - Uganda - Kampala - Monday, April 25, 2005

this site is very good please keep it up.
osuji be - stan bank plc - no 8 huli street - okijf - lagos - lagos - 2341 - nigeria - Friday, April 22, 2005

Congraturation TANAPA for having an informative and educative website. I further suggest that you find ways to write it with other useful language such as Germany,Spainish,Japanese,Italian and the like.

I really didn't think of this website could be of nice work like that. To those who worked on it I have to say WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP.
Michae Kilawila - Tanzania Journeys Ltd - Box 7621 Moshi - Tanzania - Wednesday, April 14, 2005

eze - groups - lome -TOGO - Monday, April 11, 2005


Well done TANAPA, but news should be updated and covers all the National Parks.
Mkongwe.A.Geofrey, Tanapa, Tanzania stand Expo-2005, Aichi -Nagoya, Japan - Monday, April 11, 2005

A wonderful website with enough information that direct tourists to attractive destinations, in our company we do recommend travelers to this web.
Diana Kisamo - Christian Travel Africa - - - Dar es Salaam - Saturday, April 7, 2005

This is a very good work TANAPA, very clean web, informative and professional set up. Keep up.
Meena Tegemea - Gofan Safaris & Travel Africa - Box 14995 - Arusha, Tanzania - Thursday, April 7, 2005

Welldone TANAPA for a nice work. your(our) site is wonderful but the only thing you/we have to advertise it more by giving people information how we can arrange visiting the place. Keep it up, I am really proud of home Tanzania.
Lulu - envornmental company - - D'Salaam - East Africa - Tanzania - Monday, April 4, 2005

Well designed Web. Keep it update
Ibrahim I. Mahugu - Uniglobe Travel & Tours - B. O. Box 6802 - - Dar es salaam - Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I appriciate your website,is very nice and attracted especially for foreigners.
It would be nice if you will provide a space for advertisement of job opportunity and other related advertisement so that you will reduce a lot of job seeker around our country,if possible.
Example have seen your advertisment that you need a civil technician but i was expect to get that advertisement in your website but is was not appeared.
Godwin Maro - Inter Consult Ltd - Box 423 - - D'salaasm - Tanzania 25522 - Thursday, March 24, 2005

The web site is the best and pictures are good.Please add more news about Ua latest employment opportunities.
ROY DENIS - TTCL - 70610 Dsm. - 361 Arusha. arusha, Tanzania 255 - Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Aloyce - Mnet SA - Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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A. Adin - Tourspan International - Wednesday, March 9, 2005

its an extremely wonderful site, good and keep it up!! However you need to updates news more often as possible since existing are for quite long. thanx.
ImaniLorivi Moirana - Tanapa/Senapa - Tanzania - Wednesday, March 9, 2005

A most beautiful Website and well designed ! Keep it up.
FABIAN D.N. MUKOME - MNRT. - TANZANIA. - Tuesday, March 9, 2005

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mugu - mugu company - togo - Sunday, March 6, 2005

I happened to have worked in Tanzania for 2 years and this website is a true account of everything!Please keep it up and add more details of my favourite park-Tarangire and the maasai steppe.
George Odhiambo Aike - World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) - Nairobi - Kenya - Tuesday, March 1, 2005

In your website it would be much better if you provided current job opportunities, for job seekers recruitment.
Fred Chibwana - Student - Dar es salaam - Tanzania, United Rep. of - Tuesday, March 1, 2005

It is one of the best sites not only because of its presentation but also because it brings the world to Tanzania.
Keep it TANAPA and Staff
Emmanuel Naikara - United Nations - Arusha - Tanzania, United Rep. of - Monday, February 28, 2005

Cool site I love Tanzania - Sunday, February 27, 2005

Real we show what we mean,but we look on spray green tourism if well educating from foundation level by your aid.Keep it up!!!!
sadock Johnson - Royal Institute of Tourism - Box 8597 - - Moshi - Friday, February 25, 2005

Once again on your site things are so great congratulations but you need to up date it freequently
samson karume - ifm - dar es salaam - Tanzania - Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Its a nice site, but it needs to be updated.
Julian de By - Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I have checked and found the website interesting and entertaining.However, I would like suggest that you should really consider to put visitors and revenue statistics of all parks.Please keep it up!
John M. Wambura, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Moshi, Tanzania - Monday, February 14, 2005

The site is an informative one, but there are some informations need to be added like vacancies/internships/volunteerism and publications.....also the contacts should be added!The DG contacts only are not enough!We need contact of all staff if possible!
Charles a.k.a Prince - Monday, February 14, 2005

Fantastic!Amazing and wonderful!Eye catching!Well done
John N Kyoma <>
Nova Scotia, Canada - Sunday, February 06, 2005 at 09:04:11 (EST)

samson karume <samkarume>
DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA - Saturday, January 29, 2005 at 06:26:01 (EST)

Its now what every person expected TANAPA to go global. Congrats.....Sokoine Universty of Agriculture
Felix Daniel Kinabo <>
Morogoro, MG Tanzania - Friday, January 28, 2005 at 07:32:48 (EST)

Congra for having an informative website. I further suggest that you find ways to link it with other useful wesites such as TTB, NCA and MNRT.
Iddi Mihijai Mfunda <>
Dar es salaam, Tanzania - Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 22:52:47 (EST)

Wonderful site! Congratulations.However more information need to be added.Information on things like Tarrifs,rates for accomodation facilities you have included in this site (as Udzungwa N.park did in their site), coverage on game reserves, is very important to be included. I know many people out there would appreciate if you would include a folder on Pulications,Research done and the likes. Coverage on Tanapa local community involvement in the conservation of the parks also ils lacking. Sebastian D.N Makerere University Kampala, Uganda
Sebastian D. Ndibalema <>
Kampala, Uganda - Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at 10:54:16 (EST)

Great Site! I found your site very useful. I definitely will return again. Big thanks!
Robert Malloy <>
Clarksville, Tennessee US - Sunday, January 23, 2005 at 05:26:47 (EST)

The only Place in Africa you can see nature. Congratulation TANAPA for keeping the Africa heritage in Safe. "The only Place in Africa" where you can see every wilderness.
H.Tillya <>
Arusha, Tanzania - Friday, January 21, 2005 at 04:15:25 (EST)

An excellent resource for those interested in visiting and seeing my wonderful country of Tanzania. Great Job!
Gabriel Laizer,Jr <>
Washington, DC USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 16:55:24 (EST)

Interesting site, but not enough information. You could show some good examples of successful community involvement with the national parks. You could give some information about the way tourists can become more responsible and aware of the needs in the areas visited and in which way they contribute in a constructive way. Tanzania is a beautiful country, with wonderful people it has a lot of potential to develop in a sustainable manner with the support of tourism. keep up the good work, in the hope that i'll one day be able to return to your beautiful country!
Victoria <>
Reading, UK - Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 14:16:34 (EST)

Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings.
Pat-Beate <>
Toronto, Ontario Canada, NY USA - Sunday, January 09, 2005 at 20:11:56 (EST)

Here I come again: Dear Visitors, It is real disappointing that this book is being used unproperly by some visitors. I wonder what rewards you get for that. Please, use this book for the intended purpose and post in related comments-place the comments that will help in the improvement of this web. How do you get time do do all that you are doing? Please be constructive and not destructive. your constructive contribution towards development is very important and valuable. Otherwise your soul judges unto yourself. Dear Tanapa: To get rid of visitors placing-in unrelated information, you may decide to have just a link to the form in which anyone wishes to comment will fill-in and then you will decide which one to post here and which should be discarded. All the best for your continued contribution to the economic development of the poor-rich country Tanzania.
Zephaniah <>
Göteborg, Sweden - Thursday, December 30, 2004 at 03:57:26 (EST)

Good site!
Alabaster, Alabama USA - Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 06:38:14 (EST)

Again the site is real good but it is important to add more information. What about Park regulations? and may you also add links for the Game reserves and other attractions like zanzibar, bagamoyo, cultural tourism, etc.
Zeph <>
Göteborg, Sweden - Monday, December 20, 2004 at 02:06:47 (EST)

What about adding a list of Tanzanian Reserves? Although not officially a gamepark, I think the Selous should be added to the Parks list. Also the Kipengere Mpanga Reserve with its wonderful waterfalls (which I recently had occasion to visit) ought to be included. And why not add a site of ALL Tanzanian waterfalls?
Ilse Mwanza <>
Lusaka, Zambia - Wednesday, December 08, 2004 at 14:15:45 (EST)

Surely this is a right initiative especially in this error of globalisation. We need to avail as much information as possible about our heritage. This website is a positive move towards that achievement. It is interesting to find all necessary information about our national parks on this site. Please keep it up! FELCHESMI JOSSEN MRAMBA, DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA
DAR ES SALAAM, DAR TANZANIA - Wednesday, December 08, 2004 at 09:36:51 (EST)

Nice site!
AmericanWolf <>
- Saturday, December 04, 2004 at 12:24:08 (EST)

On lattest news, could you please report the oficial gazettements of Kitulo and Saadani National Parks and the annexation of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro Forest Reserves into Arusha and Kilimanjaro National Parks.
William Simon Mwakilema <>
Yamanashi, Japan - Wednesday, November 10, 2004 at 23:52:03 (EST)

I would like to supporting Mr Kisamo on his comment about adding a page for publications! Hope it will be possible even to put the abstracts of such publications. Also, it seems that, the page is not updated on time; burning issues news from the parks should be included, for example, the recent disappearing of famous female chimpanzee, Fifi, at Gombe! Thanks for the good work once again!
Bakari Mnaya <>
Saitama, Japan - Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 08:08:23 (EST)

I`m an employee of TANAPA; Thanks for this long overdue wondeful job to position Tanzania to the map of the world. Please could you correct the area size of Kitulo Proposed National Park. The proposed park area according to the proposed park map and its boundaries is 412.9 sq km and not 442 sq km as it is presented on the site, otherwise the site contains wonderful information of Kitulo Proposed National Park.
William Simon Mwakilema <>
Kiyosato, Yamanashi, Japan - Saturday, November 06, 2004 at 03:54:15 (EST)

whaooo!!i like and appreciate this website,keep it up!!!you had truly reminded me of the beautness of our country,add more natural accomodation(vibanda)
elikira benjamin <>
kagoshima, kagoshima city Japan - Saturday, November 06, 2004 at 00:13:07 (EST)

I'm very interested in Tanzania.'Cause I've many Tanzanian friends here in Japan.I hope I'll live in Tanzania someday. Tutaonana tena !!
Katz"Konyagi"Maeda <>
Tokyo, Japan - Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 19:44:53 (EDT)

I think it is just and fair to mention Katavi Hippo Garden as one of the accomodation facilities around Katavi National Park which is actually permanent facility. The capacity is 45 beds, possibly the largest in the area.
Mlengeya <>
Tanzania - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 06:52:22 (EDT)

Congratulations for a nice piece of work, it is informative and interactive. However, I note that you do not mention the accomodation facilities provided by the Parks such as Park Bandas (in Mahale etc), campsites etc. I think this is a proper place to market the park facilities. Otherwise keep it up.
Dr Titus Mlengeya <>
Arusha, Tanzania - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 06:47:05 (EDT)

I would like to meet someone to talk!
Vaarti Nemme <>
- Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 10:58:39 (EDT)

You have done a wonderful job but I notice that the site is not updated often. I am volunteering to help you with content, photos, etc if you need it. Let's make this site the best it can be! Tanzania offers the most in the whole of Africa and this site should reflect it! Eben
Eben <>
USA - Friday, October 22, 2004 at 16:17:41 (EDT)

Bravo my Colleagues! I wonder if you can come up with a folder of "Publications". As you might be aware our parks were and are still used as laboratories for many ecological, behavioural and other scientific and general studies. There are 100s of papers originated from these studies and they are widely available in other networks. Is it not a time now to do an inventory of such studies and include them in our website! The studies should be part of our "heritage". Seems to be a tasking work but start from somewhere. I will be ready to volunteer my work on Udzungwa to be included. Keep it up! Check the examples of Selous!!
Kisamo, E.S <>
Nairobi, Kenya - Friday, October 22, 2004 at 07:42:09 (EDT)

Toll Schöne Seite mit guten Informationen.
de, - Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 02:07:52 (EDT)

Respekt! Great Design and useful information. I will be back soon! Best regards. Ron.
de, - Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 02:09:43 (EDT)

The website is very exciting,but my comment is that better yuo add the list of all Tanzanian mammals so that we can simply view the list where needed.
Selele <>
Dar., TZ TZ - Monday, October 18, 2004 at 08:29:20 (EDT)

good and attracting site
de <>
dar, tz - Friday, October 15, 2004 at 07:03:54 (EDT)

Thanks! Meinen Glückwunsch zum Internetauftritt. Eine Webseite, die inhaltlich wirklich interessant und informative ist. Viel zu bieten hat und userfreundlich zu navigieren ist.
de, - Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 05:04:16 (EDT)

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de, - Monday, October 11, 2004 at 03:38:53 (EDT)

Hi. I really liked this site; keep up the good work! I would like to know about the "New global tourism brochure" which is in the homepage of your site. Is it free or will it be for sale? Kindly please reply me via my email. Thanks.
Ali Fazal < >
Tanga, Tanzania - Saturday, October 09, 2004 at 14:23:13 (EDT)

Super Sehr informative Seite. Vielen Dank für die Infos!
de, - Friday, October 08, 2004 at 02:59:02 (EDT)

I am not a guest, am a TANAPA Staff but I didn't know we had our own website; I was trying to log in via only to find that we are standing on our own feet! Congrats and lets polish it!
Bakari Mnaya <>
Saitama, Saitama Japan - Friday, October 08, 2004 at 00:16:24 (EDT)

This absolute site has played a great role in elevating educational standards in my school. The outcome was commendable when students launched a school guide to Tanzania National Parks, as one of their project work followed by a colorful exhibition after they used this site to get the information required to visit Udzungwa Mountains Nationa Park. That is a good job you people are doing.
John Otieno <>
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 09:47:55 (EDT)

I used this site to get information for Top. that i had in my class. This is an excellent site for this information :)
de, - Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 02:59:35 (EDT)

Great Site!! The web design and accompanying photos showing the natural heritage and wonders of this great country are superb. It may be more interesting to have regular updates featuring a national park of the month/year (?) told from the horse's mouth. A word of advice to the website manager: for consistence use either longitude and latitude only or UTM when showing coordinates for the different camp sites; cross check spellings and under Hatari Lodge Africa in Arusha National Park, coordinates are all shown as latitudes (?) OTHERWISE BRAVO FOR A JOB WELLDONE!!!
Asukile R Kajuni <>
DAR ES SALAAM, NA TANZANIA - Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 08:04:21 (EDT)

Great site! I am working on a project about wildlife management in Tanzania, and this site really gives me inspiration. After staying in tanzania for one month I really fell in love with the nature! Allmost as beautiful as Norway :-)
Helge Rasmussen <>
Nesodden, Norway - Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 04:53:57 (EDT)

I like the photos.. good design
USA - Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 02:48:10 (EDT)

I thank you for a wonderful site. You have done very good job. Hope my Thanks it come out OK as we have very bad Internet in Mexico! Actually, we have a very bad many things!
de, - Sunday, October 03, 2004 at 02:38:38 (EDT)

I like the photos! Tanzania seems to be such a beautiful place!!!!
Paul Johnson
Dublin, Ireland - Friday, September 24, 2004 at 01:05:37 (EDT)

For sure this is a wonderful site. Lots of Congrats to Tanapa for making such a site.Our attractive country will be known easly through this tool. second I AM IN A PROCESS TO REGISTER A SAFARI COMPANY AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHETHER I CAN COPY SOME OF THE INFORMATION AND PASTE TO MY SITE THAT ALSO INTENDS TO ADVERTISE TANZAANIA.
Zephaniah Kambele <>
Dar es Salaam and Arusha, Tanzania - Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 09:38:09 (EDT)

Being part of TANAPA family, am very much encouraged by the new face of our website. It is the best compared to the first one yet there are more to add. Keep it updated time after time. We need some more information in terms of research and monitoring programmes, tarrifs (park fees etc) Hongera and Keep it up!
Kisamo, ES <>
Nairobi, Kenya - Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 08:16:18 (EDT)

Excellent idea and design! I'll be back later...I`l go to restaurant.....
de, - Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 11:38:53 (EDT)

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de, - Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 01:35:35 (EDT)

What a pleasant surprise to find this new site ! long overdue and a very good site :-) keep up the good work !
A.P.Phillips <>
Arusha, Tanzania - Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 07:34:25 (EDT)

For a Tanzanian living away from home, this site brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing the great visuals and comprehensive information on the unique heritage and Tanzania's great efforts to save it and share it with the rest of the world.
Raj Lathia <>
Canada - Monday, July 19, 2004 at 12:40:24 (EDT)

bilder Thanks! I enjoed the time on your site! Sincerly yours, with .......
jade bilder
de, - Sunday, July 18, 2004 at 16:54:27 (EDT)

There some people who dosn,t no about tanzania and all great parks we have, so this site is a nice place for those people to learn more .Nice site for really.Hiyo ni fahari yetu watanzania,mungu ibariki tanzania
john raymond mbwete <>
london, uk - Friday, July 16, 2004 at 04:56:06 (EDT)

Jambo. I spent 12 great years in Tanzania and your superb website brought back many great memories of my extensive travels during my "brief" stay there. Fantastic place, look after it.
Janusz Czerwinski
Poland - Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 12:09:16 (EDT)

Jambo. I spent 12 great years in Tanzania and your superb website brought back many great memories of my extensive travels during my "brief" stay there. Fantastic place, look after it.
Janusz Czerwinski
USA - Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 12:08:29 (EDT)

Very nice website.Tanzania now is now known on its beautiful nature,national parks and many aspects on tourism.Thans to the webdesigner.
Aden Kaseko. <>
Mwanza., Tanzania. - Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 09:45:16 (EDT)

Good web site. I like the animations
AN, AN ITALY - Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 02:18:01 (EDT)

Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings ...
Bontan, NV USA - Saturday, July 10, 2004 at 11:11:16 (EDT)

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Lomattle, MO USA - Friday, July 09, 2004 at 15:53:29 (EDT)

I have had the greatest pleasure of visiting your website! It is quite obvious that you have put a great deal of creativity and hard work into your home on the web! You must be quite proud of it! Wish you all the best.
Nikki <>
Las Vegas, AZ USA - Thursday, July 08, 2004 at 01:26:36 (EDT)

Very good website. Keep it up. Omari R Nundu
Omari R Nundu <>
Montreal, Qc Canada - Sunday, July 04, 2004 at 11:48:31 (EDT)

My letter is in the post to you. My one and only visit to Mikumi was on the 5th and 6th of April 1966! (Just a little while ago). I hope to bring my wife to Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam, Mikumi, early in 2005 to show her what I saw all those years ago. Keep well and enjoy. Peter & Jean Calvert.
Peter Calvert <>
Crawley, Sx UK - Monday, June 28, 2004 at 05:23:35 (EDT)

A magnificent site to be stuffed with useful info. for the gateaway to the natural world! Keep it up Guys! I'm so proud of my spectacular natural country.
Ray Pascass Mhindi <>
London, UK - Sunday, June 27, 2004 at 04:56:55 (EDT)

Its nice web, you have to put a current information.
Frank Wilyfred <>
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 11:36:50 (EDT)

Excellent website. Please add the park fees schedule. Thanxs!
P. Engelbrecht <>
South Africa - Monday, June 21, 2004 at 03:07:30 (EDT)

Ilike your website I will share this with friends - - - = = = H i ! _ G a y s _ T h a n k _ y o u _ f o r _ s u c h _ a n _ i n f o r m a t i v e _ w e b s i t e . . V e r i _ i n t e r e s t i n _ a n _ e a y _ t o _ c o m p r e h e n d - T h a n x ! - - = = A l l , N i c e _ s i t e , _ I _h a v e _ b e e n _ s e e i n g _ s o m e _ r e a l l y i n t e r e s t i n g _ c o m m e n t s . . . _ g o i n g _ t o _ t e l l _ m e _ f r i e n d _ l o u i s e _ a b o u t _ t h i s _ s i t e ! ! = = = - - -
Bob Marhal <>
- Sunday, June 13, 2004 at 11:44:40 (EDT)

Gracias y enhorabuena por vuestra web.. Está muy bien estructurada, es de fácil acceso y contiene todos los datos necesarios para hacerse una buena idea de lo que podemos encontrar en este maravilloso país.
Carmen <>
Madrid, Espańa - Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 06:48:49 (EDT)

Very nice, well presented, useful and informative. Please add more a keep it updated with ongoing news and events.
Keith Swenson <>
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Wednesday, June 09, 2004 at 17:59:57 (EDT)

Nice website.Very attractive to visitors.With more informations.Congratulations to the designer.
Aden Kaseko <>
Mwanza, Tanzania - Monday, May 31, 2004 at 10:45:15 (EDT)

A very nice website and every is attractive to the visitors.Congratulations to the designer.
Aden Kaseko. <>
Mwanza, Tanzania - Monday, May 31, 2004 at 10:38:55 (EDT)

The website now truly represents the TANAPA fame as a custodian and conservator of the Tanzania heritage. I believe this website will attracts many visitors to Tanzania.
Elisha Mayallah <>
Arusha, Tanzania - Sunday, May 30, 2004 at 06:31:46 (EDT)

The place is superb!!! heiii!! I wish everyone has the chance to see or visit.. Keep it up! Keep those precious animals for the glory of the creator
Beatrice P. Makani <>
Dar es Salaam, TZ USA - Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at 10:27:23 (EDT)

I was in Tanzania in 2003 with Objectif Nature opérator. This country is MAGIC, BEAUTIFULL and GREAT . People are very nice, welcoming. Preserve Tanzania from massive Tourist exploration (like Kenya) is necessary (and doing) to keep natural environement and ressources.(sorry for my english.).Thx for your welcome (Karibu).
Eric ROUX <>
Aix en PROVENCE, FRANCE - Saturday, May 22, 2004 at 10:53:32 (EDT)

This is what i call a website,its more attractive,well constructed,its contain all the information needed for tourism and national parks in tanzania. Yes,i proud of you,well done.
Patrick Mwakifuna <>
arusha, tanzania - Friday, May 21, 2004 at 11:27:06 (EDT)

It's very enjoyable website with good information.You can improve it by putting costs on visiting parks and update it frequently.Otherwise it is very super.
stellar mamotto <>
canterbury, UK - Tuesday, May 04, 2004 at 11:59:06 (EDT)

Rogers Justin <>
DODOMA, TANZANIA - Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 09:08:52 (EDT)

Fantastic website, more information needed
Noel Sawe <>
Serengeti, Arusha Tanzania - Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 08:41:42 (EDT)

It was with great pleasure that I entered the new re-worked website. It is fantastic, enjoyable and easy to navigate. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Congratulations.
Johnny Velloza <>
Mwadui, Shy Tanzania - Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 06:47:09 (EDT)

alert("Hello World");Enjoyed the pictures. Can I use them myself or are they copyrighted.
P Mwaya
Nairobi, Kenya - Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 03:34:02 (EDT)

Very enjoyable
Sue Mshuwa
Joburg, South Africa - Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 03:25:07 (EDT)

Marcel Dumas
Paris, France - Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 02:01:34 (EST)

Very nice site. I like the photos...
Larry Smith
Ottawa, Canada - Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 01:35:47 (EST)